Friday, October 28, 2016

famous people

So Odell Beckham Jr was wearing Kirby cleats for breast cancer awareness. This doesn't just show off Nike but also Nintendo. I think Odell is doing a good job showing off his new custom cleats. He is just wearing them to play but you could see them form a mile away. I think its great that he's showing off these cleats.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Switch

Nintendo released there new console a few weeks ago. The Nintendo Switch. I feel that Nintendo has always been an innovator in the gaming industry. Nintendo is never afraid to try new things with all there consoles. The Wii was the first to have motion controls. Microsoft and Sony quickly followed up with there own motion controls. Sony with the PlayStation Move and Microsoft with the Connect. Nintendo has always been a family friendly company and the viral video shows it. The games that were revealed in the commercial were Legend of Zelda, Mario Cart, Skyrim and NBA 2K 17. Some of the games are staples to Nintendo like Zelda and Mario but they actually are getting block buster games like Skyrim and NBA which have never been on the newer generation of Nintendo console. I think Nintendo is going in the right direction with there new system. In the video it was showing how the Switch was bringing people together no matter where they were. It also did this really cheesy thing where it said Switch every scene. It may be cheesy but it was effective. It kinda reminds you that Nintendo is always coming up with new ideas. Nintendo is working close with Nvidea for graphics to power there system. Nvidea is one of the leading producers in graphics cards. I think Nintendo is really stepping it up with its console this time. It seems like Nintendo has always been out of the fight for being best console ever sense the Xbox and Playstation2 were fighting for dominance. As PlayStation and Microsoft continue to stick with there same old controller and console Nintendo is out there continuously innovating even if it costs them The Wii U didn't do so well in sales but Nintendo is a good company like that sticking with new and exciting ways to play games. Watch out Sony and Microsoft Nintendo might be top in sales soon.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Topic 2

 Many people are looking to VR or virtual reality as the next big thing in marketing. Many companies are thinking of going to spend money on VR as it becomes more accessible to the normal person. They think that because VR is more interactive 30 second commercials won't do. To experience VR a new type of interactive commercial. VR gives you the ability to look around in a 360 degree view. This shows me that marketing is ever evolving from paper to cell phones and now being in a commercial marketing is ever evolving i wonder what the next step will be.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

About Me

I wanted to take this marketing class because i have an interest in marketing as a career. I'm thinking about of trying to find a job to do with business and technology. I'm most interesting in learning about the psychology that is in marketing like what makes people buy things. Something that I like to do in my free time is build computers. I built 6 computers this summer.

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