Friday, January 12, 2018

Post #2

Spotify recently released a series of videos focusing on users playlists with some interesting names. They featured artists that were put on their playlists. A name of one of the playlists is Global warming is real lets dance. This video shows the artist talking about  how weird their song is on that playlist. I think this is really smart of Spotify they have so much data on there users and the video pretty funny. Spotify made a series of ads like this they also have one called play this at my funeral. Spotifys value proposition is to provide customization music playlist unlike Pandora. article

About me

I wanted to enroll in this class to broaden my views on the different majors in business. I hope to major in marketing and minor in business management. Hopeful i can take what i learn in this class and use it when I run my own business some day. Something about me is that I recently picked up the hobby of airsoft.